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Quotes: Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have
“I’ve been trapped with men in elevators who say to me, ‘Oh, I really used to like your mum. She’s really hot.' I don’t know what to say. If I say, ‘No, she’s not’, that is really insulting to my mother, and if I say she is, it seems very wrong. She is smokin’, I guess.”

"Guess what, you are a G-MILF. That is a GrandMother that I would Like to-<scene change>"
Skwisgaar Skwigelf note 

Apollo: Isn't she a little old for cute?
Trucy Wright: Apollo! Shame on you! Cute is eternal! Cute is timeless!

Vanessa Huxtable Mom, you never said who that was!
Claire: "Vanessa, if you live, past tonight to become a mother of five, a grandmother of two, and can still wear a size 8 dress, maybe then you'll deserve to know!"

Chris: I think a recurring theme for Smallvillains has been that we love the hell out of John Glover and his hair. That’s a fair assessment, right?
David: I dunno, man. I mean — I — wait, what? I’m sorry, I was looking at John Glover’s hair. Where are we? Who are you?
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Beacon")

"The main problem I have with the comic is the problem I had with the show. Hannibal is always hooking up with hot ladies, even though he's, like, 60. Come on ladies, he could be your father. Though it is Liam Neeson, so I guess it's understandable."
—Spacey, ''When a Plan Comes Together", a review of The A-Team: War Stories: Hannibal

Joseph: That's a picture. Of me. Sitting on a couch. With my legs spread open. Naked. This picture was on the cover of GDILFs Magazine's 'Top Ten Sexiest, Most F*** able Grandpas'. I was number one. Beating both Monkey D. Garp from One Piece, and Uncle Iroh from Avatar.
D'Arby: that picture?
Joseph: VERY...very...recent.

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