->''"And before we close, I have a very special award: the best father and son in the class. Not just because he'd do anything for his son, but because his son would do anything for him... Congratulations, Goofy!"'
-->--'''Wanda Jean''' (ClassReunion coordinator), ''WesternAnimation/GoofTroop''

->'''Igniculus:''' So much feeling, I wish I knew,\\
Aurora, what does a father do?
->'''Aurora:''' A father tucks you into bed,\\
He holds you when you are sad,\\
He always knows what to do\\
He is the best friend you ever had.
->'''Igniculus:''' How can one father do all that?
->'''Aurora:''' That is what fathers are good at.

->'''Lucy:''' Those girls ''adore'' you. You must be a fun dad.
-->--Lucy to Gru about his daughters, ''WesternAnimation/DespicableMe2''

->'''Rodney:''' Dad, I know you kind of felt bad when I was growing up...that you couldn't give me a lot of stuff. But you gave me the most important thing: You believed in me.
->'''Herb:''' From the second you were born.

->''"My dad was no superhero. He didn't save the world from the near apocalypse of '09. He never went toe-to-toe with Mr. Freeze, but he was a good man just the same. Even after he and mom got divorced he always tried to do the right thing. My brother and I were always provided for. When mom couldn't quite make the bills he always helped out. Tried to teach me right from wrong. Would've too if I ever listened to him. And he never laid a hand on me, although Lord knows I was asking for it."''
-->--'''Terry [=McGinnis=]''', ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond''

->''"My name is Tim. And I had the greatest parents."''
-->--Adult Tim narrating his childhood, ''WesternAnimation/TheBossBaby''