Quotes / Good-Looking Privates

We can't die, Bendis. And you know why? Because we are so very pretty. We are just too good-looking for God to let us die.
Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

If Sir Mix-a-Lot was the Secretary of Defense, this is what the average US soldier would look like.

"I've heard of some interesting ways to oxygenate somebody who is out of breath but snogging them underwater is a new one on me. I suppose that is what you get when you hire a hot woman to play the part of a super soldier. I wonder if this scene would have played out along the same lines had it been some beefy bloke in the role tonguing Doggett?"
Joe Ford on The X-Files, "Nothing Important Happened Today Pt. II"

(406): Screw Disneyland. This military base is the happiest place on Earth. Even unnatractive dudes are completely fuckable in those uniforms, Im never leaving

(703): I swear there's a gravitational pull from your vagina to large groups of men in uniform.