Quotes / Gone Horribly Wrong

The rope's creaking, ship's leaking, sails are on fire,
and this whole bloody ship could go up like a pyre.
We've got smiles on our faces, but we've seen this before
No telling just now what we have in store.

Let us say there was a Soviet fort, hidden in Transylvania. This seems plausible. Let us say secret experiments were done there - of course that is what happens in such places. There were secret documents, obviously, marked by the Red Hand. Let us say that cosmonauts showng psychic promise were brought in for testing. They were taught to detect and channel particular energies that we shall call anima and anti-anima. They sought the stars - first up, then down - first out, then in. It would not surprise you, sweetling, if we said something went wrong. Horribly wrong. Everyone died - some screaming - some laughing - some singing, "We are all made of stars!"
— Lore Entry on The Facility, The Secret World

"Labs like these exist to do stupid crap that gets people killed."
Captain Ventralis, Security Chief of Peak 15, Mass Effect

"Another failed experiment... Well, it's good to know they're at least reliably stupid."
Urdnot Wrex, Mass Effect

"There are plausible scientific explanations for everything that followed, but I think it was really just a question of hatred. It is the way of men to make monsters; and it is the nature of monsters to destroy their makers."

Millia Rage: It's...from what I heard, the process of converting humans into Gears is no secret. But every single one of them turns against their creators and joins the war against humanity. Even then, I've heard tell of some fools who keep trying...
Apollo Justice: Wha- wait, hold on. What?? Why would people keep trying to convert others into Gears knowing full well what it'll do to them??? Isn't that just counter productive!

Seems like this research was a dead end[...]
I called all of the families and told them everyone's alive.
I'll send them all back tomorrow. :)


"Science ain't an exact science."