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Kyle: Goddammit, Cartman! You can't keep making up new powers!
Stan: Yeah dude, that's like the fifth power you've come up with!
Cartman: I am Bulrog and I have lots and lots of powers.
Kyle: No asshole! From now on you only get to have ONE power! So what is it?!
Cartman: I have the power to have all the powers I want.
South Park, "Good Times with Weapons"

"If the enemy becomes a devil, then Ryukendo must become a god!"
Kenji/Ryukendo upon receiving God Ryukendo, his first major Super Mode, Madan Senki Ryukendo

Kaminic, Fuck The Jesus Beam

"Shawn (Michaels) claimed God was always by his side, which lead Vince (McMahon) to book a tag match pitting Vince and son Shane against Shawn and his tag team partner, God. And sure enough, when the match came to be, God was indeed announced, heavenly music played, and a spotlight followed an invisible man down to the ring. Sadly, Shawn was pummeled by the McMahons. We view this as proof not that God doesn’t exist, but that, much like the masses who failed to purchase the pay-per-view, he had better things to do on that particular Sunday than watch Vince McMahon wrestle. Can’t blame him for that."

"Who is Clara Oswald? Well it is clear that this version of her character is a shallow vacuous non-entity who is pretty much whatever the writers want her to be on a weekly basis. It really hit home in Nightmare of Silver that the writers are actually as clueless about her identity as we are and are just making it up as they go along. The way that she suddenly turns into some kind of military commander who can handle open warfare with the Cybermen is just taking the piss. There is no sense that this kind of responsibility (the sort of which she would never have experienced before) bothers her or makes her doubt herself, nope she takes to the stage like General Custer and barks orders like she has been doing this all of her life. It wouldn’t matter quite so much if there was some humour to all this, that she got some things wrong. Imagine Donna in this role? She would be hopeless and trip up every five minutes but it would be funny and it would be believable. She’d probably pull through in the end but through luck rather than through judgement. Clara is a little too perfect in my eyes, in a way that makes her blend into the scenery rather than standing out because she is a real person reacting to insane circumstances."
Doc Oho on Doctor Who, "Nightmare in Silver"

Thousands of words describing his powers and abilities, most of which taken from other characters.
Two lines describing weaknesses, one of which is a joke.
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