Quotes / God Guise

"It's tough to be a God
Tread where mortals have not trod
Be deified when really you're a sham
Be an object of devotion
Be the subject of psalms
It's a rather touching notion
All those prayers and those salaams
And who am I to bridle if I'm forced to be an idol
If they say that I'm a God, that's what I am"
The Road to El Dorado, "It's Tough to Be a God"

"Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say, Yes!"
Winston Zeddemore, Ghostbusters (1984)

"We could rule them like gods... angry gods..."
Jake, Adventure Time, "Susan Strong"

When my father heard this, he was beside himself and said, "How dare those people intrude into my country without my authorisation and permission? Who are these people and what are their ways?" The messengers answered, "Lord, these people cannot but be gods, for they claim to have come by the wind. They are bearded people, very beautiful and white. They eat out of silver plates. Even their sheep, who carry them, are large and wear silver shoes. They throw thunder like the sky; see yourself if people like this and that in this manner behave and govern themselves, if they are gods. Moreover, we have witnessed with our own eyes that they talk to white cloths by themselves and that they call some of us by our names without having been informed by anyone and only looking into the sheets, which they hold in front of them; and moreover it is people that only looks it in the hands and the face; and the clothes they have are better than yours, because they have gold and silver. Who could people of this manner and fortune be but gods?"
Titu Cusi Yupanqui (1570), An Inca Account of the Conquest of Peru

Two men say they're Jesus. One of them must be wrong!
— "Industrial Disease", by Dire Straits

Nina: Wait! WAIT! Don't y'dare leave the house like that! Stop!
Rocky: (stops in his tracks) The ancient voice of God?
Nina: Uhhhhh *Ahem* [cupping hands over her mouth] Yes. Take off your breakfast sleeves and get in the bath. You wiggy bugger.
Priest: Did you say impersonating the Almighty?