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Thanks for your words. May they be your last. Thanks for sentimentality so nauseating that no living creature could possibly take it seriously.
Finur, The Boss of it All

Web Original

"Did you know that there's a new family-audience feature film that implies God nuked Japan because one plucky American moppet dared to dream? ...That God, always eager to smite foreign cities if you just believe!"
Alan Scherstuhl from The Village Voice, on the movie "Little Boy"

Blomkampís disastrous film has no real sense of what it wants to be or what it wants to achieve. The unashamedly earnest, father-son relationship between Deon (a saintly sort who wants to selflessly aid human- and robot-kind alike) and Chappie (who serves as Frankensteinís monster to Deonís overwhelmed Doctor Frankenstein) speaks to a deep, almost embarrassingly[sic] sincerity at the filmís core. Chappie doesnít just believe in things. It believes in deeply embarrassing things like childhood innocence, and friendship, and how war and crime are not healthy for children and other living things.

When we covered Cricket on the Hearth I spoke about how sad circumstances are a key ingredient of most successful Christmas specials. The difference between that and this, though, is that those stories use sadness successfully by having the main character learn to overcome it. There is a happy ending and an overall message that things will get better. The makers of ALF's Special Christmas just decided to give people a sad and then leave for Denny's. You don't feel good after you watch it.