Quotes / Glass Cannon

"His stamina is absolutely pathetic. He can dish out the pain but he sure can't take it."
"It's crucial for Akuma to have total control over the fight. He takes a fully offensive approach. Always moving, always attacking."
"Yeah screw defense, give me more ways to hurt people"

Black Mage: I'm the caster, you know. It's like a cannon made out of glass. Like a... dainty figurine so ornately decorated that you can't image how such a thing could exist in this brutal, ugly world. It makes you want to weep. I've got something in my eye. (Runs away)
Thief: That was... weirder than it had to be.
Red Mage: And yet, par for the course.

When you talk about a fighter's class, you're not talking about his weight. There's bantams with hearts strong enough to pump out a flooded basement, and heavyweights who can beat a man okay, but turn to jelly if the other guy takes it... and hits back.

... Col. Crazy's weakpoint is that his entire body is rather like a glass jaw.

"It's like when a blacksmith forges a sword and ignores the strength of the metal used, focusing on its cutting edge alone. The edge may be so finely honed that anything that comes against it will be split in two... But a blade with an incredible cutting edge is often very thin and easily broken."
Kamogawa, referring to Miyata, Hajime no Ippo

"It's like a sniper rifle, if you hit, it's a kill, if you miss... don't miss."

My [Skyrim] character is equal parts destructive magic and paper mache, a fragile shell which vaporizes everything with eldritch fire because nobody thinks to shake my hand first, the force of which would break my biscuity skeleton to powder.
Luke McKinney, Cracked

"Imagine using a flamethrower made of paper mache."

"Kartana is one of the most threatening Pokemon in the USM metagame due to it having insanely high Attack and superb Speed, making Kartana incredibly hard to counter defensively. Unfortunately, low base HP and pitiful Special Defense make Kartana one of the most specially frail Pokemon in the tier."