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Quotes: Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul
Jon: You just have to restore Garfield's memory, doc. He doesn't beat up on Odie. He doesn't claw the furniture. He's not lazy and obnoxious.
Liz: Are you sure you want me to do this?
Jon: Come to think of it...

Dr. Ruth Adams: What we did was wean him off the coin and onto a die. That gave him six decision options instead of the former two. He did so well with the die that we've been able to move him onto a pack of tarot cards. That's seventy-eight options open to him now, Batman. Next we plan to introduce him to the I-ching. Soon he'll have a completely functional judgmental facility that doesn't rely so much on black and white absolutes.
Batman: But right now, he can't even make a simple decision, like going to the bathroom, without consulting the cards? Seems to me you've effectively destroyed the man's personality, Doctor.
Dr. Adams: Sometimes we have to pull down in order to rebuild, Batman. Psychiatry's like that.

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