Quotes / Getting Crap Past the Radar

"It is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission."

"No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show."

"After all these are just simple movies made for kids and not adults at all. That's why they have... Assassination attempts. Sexual innuendo. Decapitations. Kidnap, torture, and suggested rape. Hookers. Boring political dialogue. Forced amputations. Drug dealing. Mass murder."

"I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it."
Mae West

"I thought this was a kid's show!"
Chowder, Chowder

<Good. Spacey. Now I'm going to ask you some questions, Spacey. You will answer me. If you answer all my questions I will give you a bottle. If you attempt to lie I will kill you. Is that clear?>
Visser Three, Animorphs

Ifi: <I will also trade you this knife I made out of a toothbrush for a pack of cigarettes.>
Adam: [I] like how they can't actually say the contents of the bottle, due to the target audience of this book.
What most non-English majors don't realize is that under Shakespeare's flowery language and incomprehensible old-timey wordplay is a whole lot of sly references to boners, anal sex, masturbation, and much worse.
Grace McCarthy, before listing several examples of Shakespeare using this trope.

"Watch this scene with your eyes closed, and tell me it doesn't sound like Tiger's Eye is chasing the girl down and sexually harassing her."
"Yeah we can do THAT, but whatever you do, don't dare mention that Uranus and Neptune are gay."
— a few YouTube comments on Sailor Moon Super S.

"We can do THAT, but whatever you do, don't *bleep* make fun of Hitler."
— Drew Carey on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, after the director told them they couldn't make fun of Hitler.

Costolot: Can I interest you in something seedy? No, I don't mean like that.
Dunkey: What the fuck!?