Quotes: Gameplay and Story Segregation

If your narrative and your core mechanic are at odds with each other, then that means your main character is a hypocrite.
Walt Williams, lead writer of Spec Ops: The Line

This is my first settlement, ahh, I call it Watermelon Island. Uhh, because if you look closely, if you look under this house, I actually have a lot of watermelons in this house. Yeah. Ironically we're having a food crisis at the moment, with only '6 FOOD' right now.
Dunkey, "How to Play 'Fallout 4''

It's a little odd, even for a fighting game, that Luke is supposed to beat the crap out of his own sister with his lightsaber, although even leaping into the air and slamming it through her chest will always be a “knockout”, at worst. Ah, fighting game logic, where would we be about you?
Bobinator on Star Wars: Masters of Teräs KäsiPlayStation (1997)

You just gotta love the sewers of Castle Britain which are crawling with giant predatory rats and man-sized fucking cobras. And this is the instant you set foot off the ladder. You'd think Lord British would send a coupla guys down here every few days to try and keep the giant fucking serpent population to a minimum. He's let it go too long; at this point he needs to mobilize the regular army... WHOA! There's a roomful of lava, man! This is in the sewers, under the castle! Someone should tell British about the active magma flow running right under his throne you know what, fuck him.
Noah Antwiler on Ultima: Runes of Virtue

Much has already been made of the powerup mechanic: that Samus already has them all in her overnight bag but refuses to use them until her commanding officer—with whom she has surrogate daddy issues up the delicately sculptured arse—authorizes it. This leads to a rather notorious moment when Samus blunders through an extremely hostile atmosphere without protective clothing because daddy didn't specifically order her to wear some, putting her on the intellectual level of one of those robot vacuum cleaners.

Hey, is this Bob from the gameplay department? Yeah, this is Mike from the story department. Listen, I know the game's almost done, but I think we're actually gonna kill off the protagonist's girlfriend... uh... pretty early in the game, so you're gonna have to replace her after the warehouse scene. Uh, just some disposable female character will be fine, clothing is optional.

"I like games where the story and gameplay go hand-in-hand, while in most JRPGs, story and gameplay are kept on either side of a wrought-iron fence made of TIGERS."