Quotes / G-Rated Drug

"Man, I guess spinach is an expensive habit to keep up if Popeye's turned to drug dealing."
Linkara, Atop the Fourth Wall

"What is with this trend in angles that involve chemicals these days? Let me start in WCW with Hall and his drinking angle that seems to have died out after Havoc. Next we have Hammer coming to the ring sniffing incense. And although we have not seen him take anything, He is sure walking and talking like he is all wigged out on something. Now we go over to the other side and see Austin and his "Steveweisers", Gangrel and his weird power giving blood stuff, and Hawk on pain killers but acting like he is drunk. And now to top it all off we have Scotty Steiner running around the ring and announcers' area throwing a steroid fit. What next? Are we going to have Hogan addicted to Rogaine? I pray to the Good Lord above that we don't see Alex Wright addicted to Viagra!"

''"Ally, I think I have a chicken pot pie problem."
Dez, Austin & Ally

Ch'Vorthq: Sergeant, you will be drinking a very heavy stimulant cocktail cut with shampoo and inert ultra-tensile carbon.
Schlock: I don't drink it. I eat it straight.
Ch'Vorthq: (dryly) And I suspect you're addicted to it.
Schlock: (draws gun) Step away from the Tub of Happiness.