Quotes / Functional Addict

So I'm supposed to conclude that the town full of potheads is fully functioning, the businesses all seem to be doing well, people are friendly, everyone offers up what they have to share... when can we start?
YouTube user cocomaan's comment on this Anti-Drug PSA.

Being a functioning alcoholic is kind of like being a paraplegic lap dancer you can do it, just not as well as the others, really.
Robin Williams, Weapons of Self Destruction

"Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town."

Its possible that the only time Michael Jackson was fully in control was when he was onstage, or doing prep work for a show. The rest of his life was mess and scandal and self-disfigurement, but in the lights, at least, he knew something about something. Always gracious, often appending his critiques 'with love,' Jackson makes minute adjustments to the sound, the timing, the funkiness. Well never know what cocktail of meds he may or may not have been on, but mentally, in the film, he seems formidable.
Rob Gonsalves on Michael Jackson's This Is It

[Reacting to a behind the scenes trailer for The Last Jedi]
I am glad Carrie Fisher could emerge from her drug-induced stupor for long enough to give them that sales-pitch. (I am kidding, Carrie Fisher knew how to handle her drugs... well, until they handled her, anyway)

Speed!? What do you know about it? You only hand it out— I take it! I know drug-real from real-real!