Quotes / Frothy Mugs of Water

"Yeah, the whole place is dubbed, so they sell 'juice' here. It gets the job done, though."
— Terri, Billy Vs SNAKEMAN

I'm drinkin' OJ. [beverage changes color] Now it's apple juice. [changes color again] Now it's beer. Yay, beer!
Master Roshi, Dragonball Z Abridged

Paige: Mm-mmm! Nothing like an ice cold root BEER!
Peter: Yup. A root BEER sure hits the spot after school!
Paige: You know, I may even have two root BEERS, I'm so thirsty!
Jason: Say, are you two talking about root BEER?!
Peter: Why, yes, we are talking about root BEER!
Jason: What a coincidence! I was just thinking to myself how good this root BEER tastes!
Roger: Remind me to never again tell the kids what I'm giving up for Lent.

99 bottles of age-appropriate beverage on the wall, 99 bottles of age-appropriate beverage on the wall, take one now, pass it around, 98 bottles of age-appropriate beverage bottles on the wall...

Maybe it's just the sodas talking, but I think we should work together to win that car.
Mordecai, Regular Show