Quotes / Freud Was Right

Pablo: Mr. Freud would have something to say about your obsession with long, pointy objects.
Nin: Mr. Freud could say nothing if his tongue was cut out.
Protectors of the Plot Continuum, An Ill-Matched Pair

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Oh, yeah? Well, sometimes it's a big brown dick!
George Carlin, responding to the above quote.

Yahtzee shows how to invoke this trope on Unskippable, Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

"No, she's absolutely right," said Zeb, patting the enormous pistol at his hip. "This is a penis substitute. After all, if I could kill at a range of thirty meters with my penis, I wouldn't need to carry this thing around, now would I?"

Everything's either
concave or -vex,
so whatever you dream
will be something with sex.
Dream Interpretation, Piet Hein

Vulcan Raven: Wow. Just... wow.
Psycho Mantis: Freud would shit his pants
The Last Days of FOXHOUND, after a Journey to the Center of the Mind shows that the metaphor for Liquid Snake's mind is a gigantic, penis like building. (And they're standing on a small, grassy hill below said building...)

If it's longer than it's wide, it's a phallus!
If it's longer than it's wide, it's a phallus!
If it's shorter than it's wide, simply turn it on its side;
And it's longer than it's wide, it's a phallus!

Woah, honey, watch how you're holding that thing!
The Nostalgia Chick, on Skeletor's, um, weapon.

Christ, everything in this hospital looks like it's a metaphor for sex!
The Cinema Snob, on the hospital's treatments in Hardgore.

Hey, Finn... Are you thinking about how that guy's bow-tie sorta looked like a bra?
Marceline, Adventure Time

This movie is 70% phallic symbol.

You may have noticed that one of the Yo Gabba monsters is a flexible salami-like creature with one gaping eye at the top. I'm pretty sure I sketched the original design for that in the margin of a chemistry textbook back in 1985.

...sex between two planes at 35,000 feet.
Tom Clancy, on mid-air refueling.

...filth, I'm glad to say, is in
The mind of the beholder
When correctly viewed
Everything is lewd
Tom Lehrer, Smut

Phallic symbol, phallic symbol.

"Magrat says a broomstick is one of them sexual metaphor things."
Although this is a phallusy.

Elan: What, here? Now?? What's gotten into you?
Haley: What? I was just overcome with how much I love you. Though the fact that I've been staring at a huge worm all afternoon may also be a factor.

Chris: ...but we move right from that into a four-minute credits sequence that finally leads us to the snowy, crystalline movie version of the planet Krypton, and its giant Boob of Justice.
David: You saw a big white dome, and you thought boobs?
Chris: Yeah, what did you think?
David: I thought… a white dome.
Chris: Well obviously you don’t have much imagination.

David: At least he isn’t screaming “LAAAAAAAAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” in a theaterical presentation of A Skycab Named Desire.
Chris: No, but he is putting his baby into a giant egg with a bunch of pointy shards of glass. Jor-El is the worst father ever.
David: Vagina dentata!
Chris: Wait, you bagged on me for thinking the dome looked like a giant boob, but your’e going straight to vagina dentata jokes?
— An exchange from later in the same review, thus proving that, indeed, Freud was right.

Tea: Wow, look at all the phallic imagery.
Joey: What? There ain't nothing remotely suspicious about this duel.
Yami: Now, quiver in fear, as my knight's mighty lance penetrates your moist cocoon!