Quotes / Freak Out!

"Okay, my mom just cancelled my brother's World of Warcraft account, and he is freaking out!"
Jack Quire, Greatest Freak-Out Ever

"I want to explain something to you. A man has got just so much in his emotional bank balance. Mine has run out. It's stone dry. I can't draw a check on it. There's nothing left to draw out."
Rev. Shannon, The Night Of The Iguana

"Um, he's not going to blow up, is he? 'Cause in books this is totally the part where he would scream "NOOOOOO!", explode with rage, and level the town."
Riley, regarding Ian, Errant Story

"Something had happened. A fuse blew and I had gone out of my skull."
Ralphie, A Christmas Story

Pss, hey Guido. Its all so clear to me now. I'm the keeper of the cheese... and you're the lemon merchant, you get it? And he KNOWS it. That's why he's gonna KILL US. So we got to beat it... ya... before he lets loose the marmosets on us! Don't worry little missy... I'LL SAVE YOU!

The world whirled.

Indira tried to think of a comeback, and instead she just shrieked. And then she ran from the bar. Out of the restaurant. Onto a fast slidewalk away from the civilian areas. Toward Engineering. For the rest of her life, Indira would question how drunk she had been that night, how much of her subsequent behavior could be blamed on simple alcohol.

As she remembered it, she’d become almost disassociative. Her thoughts came fast and ran together like spilled paint. She told herself that her higher brain functions had shut down and she was acting on pure animal instinct, but she knew that couldn’t be true or she could scarcely be observing and commenting on the fact in her own mind, and she passed a control panel for the lights on 7th deck and opened it up and ripped out every connection and coughed up a big ball of phlegm and spat it into the controls and watched it spark and considered laughing hysterically but didn’t bother and then moved down the corridor to see if she could find another panel she passed a light panel and tossed her triwrench through it and it went dark and produced a loud crack and then a long persistent whine that was irritating and somehow satisfying at the same time and she realized vaguely that she shouldn’t stay here or the security bots would come well let them come! and she thought of how the repair nanites would already be working on the stuff she’d broken and she went over to the frame around the light panel, ripped it completely out of the wall (which stopped that godawful whining sound thank God) and hurled it across the room and muttered “Let the nanobugs fix that, fuck ‘em!” and then suddenly ran at breakneck speed for an elevator and all the sounds she heard swirled together or did she just want them to swirl together God damned melodramaticism defines every fucking thing I do no sense of perspective at all Where’s the God damned fucking elevator Here it is Control center 8 I said control center 8 you hellspawn little machine Nobody will be there right now What do I want to do when I get there God, I can just picture the whole God damned station blasting apart The pieces Oh God I can see the sunlight glinting off the little metal pieces against the stars and there’s body parts floating by A hand? Oh Jesus God what am I thinking Calm down Hyperventilating Breathing too fast Calm down Calm down Damnation I don’t wanna calm down My floor, huh? All right I’m here What do I want to do here “Hi! Gomez! It is Gomez, isn’t it? Hi, I wasn’t expecting to see you here! How are you?” Leave! God damn you, why do you have to be here right now?! Thank God he’s here. God, I’m breathing so fast. Why’s everything going to hell Why’s everything everything going to hell He said he loved me God damn him! “Oh, just wandering, I guess. I’m off-shift.”

She got through with no trouble. Everyone knew she was authorized, and no one took note of the expression on her face. Soon she was in a deserted section of Engineering.

She stared at the oxygen system. One quick adjustment, and it would be the end of everyone. All the oxygen-breathing life forms, anyway. Most of them, anyway. Probably couldn’t evacuate fast enough. Especially if she nixed the sensors. She stared at it. Stared at it.

She curled up on the floor and tried not to think. Tried so so hard not to think.

[Urist McDwarf] has been overthrown by the stresses of day-to-day living
Dwarf Fortress, seen when checking the description of insane dwarves