->'''Orson:''' ''(reading "Literature/{{Rumpelstiltskin}}")'' After the king let the son out, the little man offered the son a deal.\\
'''Rumpelstiltskin (Roy):''' You can keep your VCR if you can guess my name.\\
'''Miller's son (Wade):''' Guess your name? Ha! That oughta be a cinch! Is it Fred?\\
'''Rumpelstiltskin:''' No.\\
'''Miller's son:''' Sam?\\
'''Rumpelstiltskin:''' No.\\
'''Miller's son:''' Elliot?\\
'''Rumpelstiltskin:''' Nope!\\
'''Miller's son:''' Jason?\\
'''Rumpelstiltskin:''' No way.\\
'''Orson:''' The son just kept on guessing far into the night...\\
'''Miller's son:''' Irving? Floyd? Ichabod? Michael? Sidney? [[Music/TheBeatles John? Paul? George? Ringo?]] [[Film/TheThreeStooges Larry? Moe? Curly? Shemp?]] Howie? Frank?\\
'''Rumpelstiltskin:''' Nope.\\
'''Orson:''' ...but without success.\\
'''Miller's son:''' Arbuthnot? Trallfaz? Sting? Prince? Engelburt?\\
'''Rumpelstiltskin:''' Sorry, you only get one more guess.\\
'''Pizzaman (Bo):''' Hey, like, hi there, Rumpelstiltskin. Qué pasa?\\
'''Miller's son:''' I know it! I know your name! Your name is...\\
'''Roy:''' ''(grabs the book from Orson)'' But before the duck-son could say the name, a hurricane came up!\\
'''Orson:''' A hurricane!?\\
'''Roy:''' Yes, a hurricane. And it blew the duck away, so he couldn't take his VCR back.\\
'''Wade:''' Uno momento!\\
'''Orson:''' Guys!\\
'''Wade:''' Then, a spaceship came by! And it rescued the handsome duck, and flew him back to reclaim his VCR.\\
'''Orson:''' Guys, stop this!\\
'''Roy:''' But the rooster was determined to get it back with the aid of his [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs trained dinosaurs!]]\\
'''Orson:''' Trained dinosaurs? Where did the trained dinosaurs come from?\\
'''Roy:''' Same place all those [[GratuitousNinja ninjas]] came from.\\
'''Wade:''' But then the Third Marine Division landed with their Anti-Trained Dinosaur Squadron.\\
'''Roy:''' But the Mole People were too smart for the Marines!\\
'''Orson:''' Guys!\\
'''Wade:''' Then 83 monsters take the VCR back!\\
'''Roy:''' Then 8''4'' monsters and a giant moth grab it back from the duck!
-->--''[[WesternAnimation/GarfieldAndFriends U.S. Acres]]'', "The Name Game"