Quotes / Foregone Conclusion

"From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;
Whose misadventur'd piteous overthrows
Doth with their death bury their parents' strife"
— Lines 5-8 of the prologue to Romeo and Juliet

Phoebe: I thought I was gonna see a film about, y'know, Yankee pride! And then — boom! — the guy gets Lou Gehrig's disease.
Richard: Uh... the guy was Lou Gehrig. Didn't you kinda see it coming?

Shhh. Haven't seen it yet. Don't. Ruin. The. Ending.
Brad Shoup on Titanic (1997), Stylus Magazine

Have you seen The Passion yet? Here's a spoiler for you: Jesus dies.
Gabe from Penny Arcade Hilariously, he's wrong.

Any movie about Christ is gonna end the same way. Jesus is gonna hit the iceberg.

So the kids enter the sewer to fight the clown. This is really suspenseful because I have no idea who's going to make it out alive except for all of them.
The Nostalgia Critic discussing a flashback in Stephen King's It.

Oh, come on! This isn't a spoiler! The very first image in the game is a brief flash-forward depicting your character's helmet lying discarded in the dust and battle-scarred terrain; what the fuck do you think happens at the end? Your character thrillingly and climatically gets a little bit hot?
Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation discussing Halo: Reach

But the main problem is that because it's based on a real shop, opened by a real man, there's not much real jeopardy. So the opening episode was a nail-biting tale of 'Will he or won't he open the shop?' when you know he did, then we had 'Will he or won't he open a perfume counter?' which you also know he did. And recently we had 'Is he or isn't he dead?' when you know he won't be. It's a bit like a whodunnit called 'Colin is Guilty.

Pig: Hey, Goat... whatcha reading?
Goat: This biography of Abe Lincoln.
Pig: Does it explain very much about his assassination or—oops.
Goat: What?
Pig: Spoiler alert.

Gary: It also sounds like we took the long route to a foregone conclusion.
Grace: Eh. The fewer vestiges of self-esteem you have left, the farther you'll go to protect them.

Wolverine: I've already had three X-Men films, and now I'm gettin' a prequel.
Comedian: Oh, I can't wait to see what happens! Wait, I know: you live to make three X-Men movies.

Even if you know how the story ends, that doesn't make it any less fun to watch.
Cinder Fall, RWBY

"From the beginning, you know the end."

"Of course, you already know how this one ends."
Narrator, Jane the Virgin

Party Leader(flashback): For the sake of everyone on the continent, we cannot fail!
Tarquin: Spoiler alert: They failed.