Quotes / Forced to Watch

"I am going to kill you. I am going to kill you, and I'm going to make her watch. And then I'm going to bring you back, and I'm going to kill her, and I'm going to make you watch. And after that, I'm going to get really creative."'
GLaDOS, Blue Sky

"Oh-ho, look at that — it's your little friend! Let's watch her die together, shall we?"
King Candy/Turbo, Wreck-It Ralph

Metalbeak: Oh, you know this sad old owl?
Soren: He's my teacher and a hero.
Metalbeak: Well, your hero can teach you one last lesson about Pure Ones strength...
Nyra: (To a struggling Ezylryb) Don't move.
Metalbeak: By letting you watch him die.

"I will destroy everything you love and make you watch!"
Dr. Eggman, Sonic Lost World

"This man was only the watcher. Hang him last, so that he may watch the others die."

"You give me what I want, or I swear I will keep you alive so that you can witness your homeworld's destruction!"
Scorpius, Farscape

"(chuckles) I have stopped time entirely for you, and now you will get to watch in silence as I make Sailor Moon suffer!"
Ramua, Sailor Moon (Episode 9)

"Vidi well, little brother! Vidi well!"