Quotes / Forced Meme

"Well, look kid, you can't just force a catchphrase. It's gotta come from the gut. I mean, look at Ash here. You think he spent hours coming up with 'Groovy' or the whole 'Hail to the king' thing? [...] The point I'm making is that a catchphrase has gotta be sincere. Those internet a-holes can spot a phony a mile away."

"Milhouse is not a meme. But 'Milhouse is not a meme' IS a meme. If you fully understand this you have reached /b/ enlightenment."

"Gretchen, stop trying to make 'fetch' happen! It's not going to happen!"
Regina, Mean Girls

Strong Bad: Oh, this road trip is definitely going to be jumbo/LARGE.
The Cheat: [quizzical The Cheat noises]
Strong Bad: Just laugh at it. It's an inside joke. It's going to be hilarious.
Strong Bad Email, "road trip"

"And another thing, Ubisoft: stop misusing the word 'iconic'. Aiden Pierce does not have an 'iconic' baseball cap, okay? Arno from Assassin's Creed: Unity doesn't have an 'iconic' pocket watch like you're claiming in your advertising for the collector's edition. We don't even know who Arno is yet! You don't just get to say things are iconic when they're not iconic! That's for us, the iconogrophers, popular culture, we to decide! You don't get to decide that! Not you! Not you! Thank god for me! Iconic catchphrase!"
Jim Sterling, Jimquisition