Quotes / Football Hooligans

"What began as a traditional soccer riot has escalated into a city-wide orgy of destruction!"

"An integral phrase of our fight song (Hail Victory!) translates to Sieg Heil in German, which was kind of a favorite phrase of that Hitler guy you all might have heard of."

These are the worst fans in America. And I donít mean they are disloyal or dispassionate. I mean that, as PEOPLE, they are the worst fans in America. State any obvious fact about the Raiders—like the fact that they are bad at football—and you can expect them to go completely overboard in seeking redress. Like so Ö

YOU: Jack Del Rio? That seems kinda uninspired.
RAIDER FAN: (stabs you)

"The population in every city has for a long been divided into two groups, the Greens and the Blues [...] The members [of each faction] fight with their opponents not knowing for what reason they risk their lives, but realizing full well that even when they vanquish their opponents in brawls, they will be carted off to prison [...] there arises in them an endless and unreasoning hatred against their fellow men, respecting neither marriage nor kinship nor bonds of friendship, even if those who support different colors might be brothers or some other kind of relatives. Neither human nor divine affairs matter to them compared to winning these [street] fights."
Procopius of Cesarea, a 6th Century Byzantine historian proving some things are way older than football

"Pass the fucking ball!"