Quotes / Fluffy the Terrible

"Gee up, Binky!"
Death, to his pale horse, Wyrd Sisters

"Rudy? Oh, I was thinking it'd be something terrifying, like... Sheldon, or Tim."

"I am not cute! Whoever heard of a cute supervillain???"
Fluffy, the Darkwing Duck comics from Disney Adventures

Harry: "He tried to get past that three-headed dog at Hallowe'en. It bit him. We think he was trying to steal whatever it was guarding."
Hagrid (shocked): "How'd you know about Fluffy?"

Booker: "Here bird!"
(Giant mechanical Songbird lands on airship and kills multiple rebels)

Aang: "Its Sparky Sparky Boom Man!"
Sokka: "You know, I'm starting to think that name doesn't really fit...."

"Look out, it's Jumby! Stop laughing, he's coming!"

"We have three crocodiles [that will chase you]: Fluffy, Skipper, and Bob."
Crocodile Expert, MythBusters

Pierce: Look out, here comes Paul!
Boss: Paul? You named it Paul?!

Mr. Owl: So, where do you want to look first? Mount Ruin, or Mount Marmalade?
Steve: Which one is which?
Mr. Owl: Mount Ruin is the huge, evil looking one.
Mr. Owl: Yes. I imagine that would be pretty amusing.

"What's so 'mouse' about something that big?!"
Girls und Panzer after two tanks have been hit by a Maus super-heavy tank.

"If anyone were to offer a prize for the most unimaginative name ever applied to a fossil, [Pelagornis miocaenus] would be my nomination. To be confronted with an avian humerus nearly two feet long and distinguish it by a name that means simply 'Miocene seabird,' requires an unenviable dullness of spirit."
Smithsonian ornithologist Storrs Olson

Queen Moon: I presume you're the one they call the Lizard?
Toffee: Yes, but you may call me... Toffee.
Queen Moon: Toffee?! How is that any better?
Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Moon the Undaunted