Quotes / Fluffy the Terrible

"Gee up, Binky!"
Death, to his pale horse, Wyrd Sisters

"Rudy? Oh, I was thinking it'd be something terrifying, like... Sheldon, or Tim."

"I am not cute! Whoever heard of a cute supervillain???"
Fluffy, the Darkwing Duck comics from Disney Adventures

Harry: "He tried to get past that three-headed dog at Hallowe'en. It bit him. We think he was trying to steal whatever it was guarding."
Hagrid (shocked): "How'd you know about Fluffy?"

Booker: "Here bird!"
(Giant mechanical Songbird lands on airship and kills multiple rebels)

Aang: "Its Sparky Sparky Boom Man!"
Sokka: "You know, I'm starting to think that name doesn't really fit...."

"Look out, it's Jumby! Stop laughing, he's coming!"

"We have three crocodiles [that will chase you]: Fluffy, Skipper, and Bob."
Crocodile Expert, MythBusters

Pierce: Look out, here comes Paul!
Boss: Paul? You named it Paul?!

Mr. Owl: So, where do you want to look first? Mount Ruin, or Mount Marmalade?
Steve: Which one is which?
Mr. Owl: Mount Ruin is the huge, evil looking one.
Mr. Owl: Yes. I imagine that would be pretty amusing.

"What's so 'mouse' about something that big?!"
Girls und Panzer after two tanks have been hit by a Maus super-heavy tank.

"If anyone were to offer a prize for the most unimaginative name ever applied to a fossil, [Pelagornis miocaenus] would be my nomination. To be confronted with an avian humerus nearly two feet long and distinguish it by a name that means simply 'Miocene seabird,' requires an unenviable dullness of spirit."
Smithsonian ornithologist Storrs Olson

Queen Moon: I presume you're the one they call the Lizard?
Toffee: Yes, but you may call me... Toffee.
Queen Moon: Toffee?! How is that any better?
Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Moon the Undaunted

Ma Beagle: (Over the radio that Lena stole from the Ugly Failures) Ma to the Tumblebums. The rugrats have been spotted in your turf. Make them sorry that they crashed our party!
Huey: (trying hard not to laugh) The Tumblebums?! They sound adorable!
(A Monster Clown trio that can give Pennywise a run for its money suddenly come out of the bushes)
Huey: (now terrified) Never mind.
Ducktales 2017, "The Beagle Birthday Massacre"

"You know, 'Toothless,' uh... that is a terrible name for this dragon."
— Gruffnut, Dragons: Race to the Edge, "A Gruff Separation"

"You named him Festus? You know that in Latin, 'festus' means 'happy'? You want us to ride off to save the world on Happy the Dragon?"