Quotes / Flat "What."

Sif: [to Loki] When I said that I loved you, I did not lie.
Thor: What.

Marceline: Finn, you're like an ant to [Hunson Abadeer].
Finn: Oh yeah? Well, this ant's about to get in his pants!
Marceline: What.
Finn: Wha-I-I-you know!

"You know... I...often think about you."
"I... really want to suck your blood."
"... What."
Orange Marmalade note 

chainedsage2: first for le snibbles xDD
noperrr: what
—Comments on Duck by DooLovesAniki, a YouTube video

A small, non-existent freight train clattered out of nowhere and slammed into Elphaba at full speed, messily scattering her thoughts from one end of the room to the other. Back in the real world, Elphaba stood there, gently swaying back and forth on the spot as she tried to process what she'd just been told. In the end, the only coherent response she could organise was a flat mumble of "What."
It wasn't easy to audibly pronounce the absence of a question mark, but somehow, Elphaba had just managed it.

The Tenth Doctor on an ocean-liner ramming the TARDIS in deep space, Doctor Who

Daniel flinched slightly at something and put a hand to the side of his head. “Ow. Alright, before half my children jump in with suggestions, I’m going to head them off with at least one of my own; You need to stand right up, put your right hand on your hip, your left hand in the air, and start signing the ‘I’m A Little Teapot’ song while Asuka throws pies at you and I play the accordion.”
Shinji stared at him. Asuka’s head came up off Shinji’s chest and joined in. “What,” they said flatly in stereo.
A Crown of Stars, chapter 32

Asuka: [narrowing her eyes] Yes, that was a sudden, convenient little 'accident' you had out there. What was Wondergirl about to say? You touched her somewhere?
Shinji:: Umm...
Rei:: He touched my right breast.
Asuka: [gaping] What.

Shinji: Ok, so what’s our first plan?
Asuka: Strip chess.
Shinji: What.
Advice and Trust, chapter 8

Misato couldn't help but smile... until she happened to glance at the cover of the book Asuka had been reading, and realised it was a copy of The Ethical Slut. And Asuka had apparently been taking notes.

Fariz: It isn't what you think it is. Not some great conspiracy to keep you in the dark. Well, a small conspiracy. It's just that Ao Qin got out and-
Rupert: What.
Fariz: He's on the warpath. I-I don't really know how to say this, but he found your apartment.
Rupert: What.
Fariz: And your personal records.
Rupert: What.
Fariz: Possibly a few family members, if you even have those.
Rupert: And.
Fariz: Ao Qin might have had a tantrum.
Rupert: Well. Shit.
Food Of The Gods by Cassandra Khaw

N: Fine, I know what to do. Black, follow my lead. Cue music!
Black: What.

Hex: If you don't mind me asking, though, why are you digging up your lawn? Have you decided to go for vegetables?
Albert: No, it's to fill the cardboard boxes.
Hex: The what?
Hex: ...what did you just say.

Rogelio: I'm your father.\\
Jane: What?\\ Rogelio: ...I'm your father.\\ Jane: No, I heard you.\\ Rogelio: Yeah, but you said "What?" so I thought you didn't.