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Quotes: Flat Character
"I don't have a personality matrix so much as a personality vector."

"You have me all wrong. I'm more than just the same joke over and over again—you're thinking of Toot."

Everyone else in the movie can be summed up entirely by two-word descriptions. Danny Glover is: BLACK PRESIDENT. George Segal is: OLD DAD. Oliver Platt is: ASSHOLE BUREAUCRAT. Beatrice Rosen is: HOT WHORE. One of Cusack's kids still wets herself at age seven, an endearing character quirk until we realize that it's her defining characteristic. In fact, as the camera pulls back through the clouds to bring us the end credits, we get: "No more pull-ups!" she proudly tells a smiling Cusack. I forgot this was a plot point until she capped off the survival of humanity by reminding us of mankind's real victory: bladder control.
Cracked on 2012

"The mother's internal conflict over marrying off her daughter in exchange for her happiness could've made her a more interesting character. Same goes for [Hockley]. He could've easily been portrayed as a kind of sad, lonely rich guy. Maybe he spent his whole life acquiring his fortune and didn't have time for love. He could be awkward and kinda inconsiderate 'cause he doesn't know how to treat a woman. But at his core he didn't have to be evil — and certainly not try to murder anyone... The real villain in the film should've been the iceberg. Conversely, Jack [Dawson's] only detriment is that he litters."

This is another movie where all the characters should be named after their stereotype. So Hunky Protagonist is trying to be the ace of the squadron, but Grizzled Vet with a Heart of Gold keeps ragging on him. So Hunky becomes close friends with his fellow squad mates Burn Out, Dead Meat,Religious Stereotype, Sir Not Appearing in this Film, and Has no Dialog but is a Really Close Friend...Honest.
Miles Antwiler on Flyboys (2006)

Sarah Jane was never really meant to have anguished emotions about her dead parents. The inappropriateness of this sort of thing was, in fact, where much of the power of "School Reunion" came from — her choked "you were my life" is powerful precisely because it's not the sort of line we expect to get from Sarah Jane. But it's not sustainable. The character, under the hood, still isn't made for emotion. She's a Doctor Who companion through and through. Decades after "The Hand of Fear", she has no living family, no romantic attachments, no friends, a job that exists only to justify starting a plot (I believe the last time we saw Sarah Jane actually write an article was in the opening credits to K-9 and Company). The Sarah Jane Adventures has given her a family, but they're a family that exists to fight aliens, which is to say, to let her continue functioning as a '70s Doctor Who companion. For all that she talks about the wonders to be found on Earth, she never actually goes so far as to demonstrate a hint of interest in any of them.
Phil Sandifer on "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith"

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