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On the surface you seem to make some valid points about technology... But your e-mail address reveals your newbie identity. You're probably a goat herder or a cartoonist.

Flame War!
Strong Bad, email 175: pizza joint

"New Rule: Debates held in the Internet 'Comments' section have to make me hate all of humanity less. Here's a recap of every debate ever held in an Internet "Comment" section. Ready? 'Obama's a socialist.' 'Oh, yeah? Bush is a war criminal, fag.' 'Who are you calling a ‘fag,' faggot?' The end. And then, of course, someone chimes in with, 'Ron Paul 2012!' and they call that guy a fag. And then I can't help myself, so I type, 'Gentlemen, gentlemen, please! This is a porn site!'"
Bill Maher, Real Time with Bill Maher