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Quotes: Firstname Basis
Ayumi: A, Ai...
Haibara: ...Go ahead, you can call me by my first name.
Ayumi: Eh?
Haibara: That's what you want, right?
Ayumi: Really? Ai-chan!
Genta: Th-then...
Mitsuhiko: Can we also call you...
Genta/Mitsuhiko: Ai-
Haibara: But not you two.
Genta/Mitsuhiko: -chan...
Detective Conan, Chapter 400

"Everyone else who lets me ride on their dinosaur calls me Carlos."
Carlos Ramirez, Dead Beat

Subaru: Nanoha-san... Ah! Instructor Takamachi... Lieutenant?
Nanoha: Nanoha-san is fine.

(Agent Coulson walks into the room)
Pepper: Phil!
Tony Stark: Uh, his first name is Agent.

"Started off local, but thanks to all the haters, I know G4 pilots on a first-name basis."
—Drake, "Forever"

"Homura, you finally called me by my first name... I'm happy."
Madoka to Homura, just before Homura gives her a Mercy Kill, Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Sakura: Hello, Li-kun?
Syaoran: Yeah?
Sakura: Thank you so much for today.
Syaoran: I d-didn't do anything.
Sakura: While we were in the elevator, I was really happy when you called me Sakura, Li-kun. Because I felt like I got to be really good friends with you. Um, can I call you Syaoran-kun, too?
Syaoran: D-do as you like,
Sakura: Right Syaoran-kun! Then, I'll see you at school.
—The ending of episode 57 just after Syaoran called her name in Card Captor Sakura

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