Quotes / Finishing Each Other's Sentences

Rosalind Lutece: Odd, isn't it?
Robert Lutece: What's odd?
Rosalind Lutece: The fact that we sometimes—
Robert Lutece: --finish each other's sentences?
Rosalind Lutece: Exactly.
Robert Lutece: It would be odder if we didn't.

Hunter: Forget about the plane. Can you pull up the...
Fitz: Footage of Bobbi. From the base. Before she left. Good idea.
Hunter: You know, I am capable of finishing my own...
Fitz: Sentences. Yes, you are. Sorry.

Mac: I feel like we're completing each other's—
Rachelle: Sentences.
Mac: Yeah! I was gonna say sentences!
Rachelle: (laughs) I know.
Mac: Oh, my God! How did you read my—
Rachelle: Mind!
Mac: I was gonna say head.
Rachelle: Oh...
Mac: But that's OK. That's all right. We got— we're one for two.

Rem: Yes, we're so in sync—
Ram: we can even finish each other's—
Rem: banana.
Ram: ... Damnit, Rem.