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Quotes: Final Fantasy II
"Final Fantasy II will do everything in its power to beat you down. And when I write "you," I am not referring to Frioniel's party. I am referring to you, the player. Final Fantasy II is a pair of simultaneous battles on two separate planes. The first is the fictional struggle of Frioniel and the rebel forces against the might of the Paramekian Empire. The second is the very real battle between you, the player, and Final Fantasy II, in which the game attempts to foil your efforts and demoralize you from ever playing again. As you try to beat Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy II tries to beat you."

The long war ended at last. The emperor and Pandaemonium... and the monsters plaguing every corner of the world... They all vanished. Peace has finally returned. The people will slowly heal the scars of war. The memory of those dismal days will fade with time. But one memory will remain clear and true: It was the ordinary youths with extraordinary minds who saved the world.
Game Ending, Origins

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