Quotes / Fawriel

Fawriel shocked the Tropers with this comment in the 'Yack Fest: If this wiki had an erogenous zone....'-thread:
"Wouldn't it be, like, between Trope-tan's legs.

I'm just saying."
- Fawriel, 10th Aug '10 4:48:14 PM

Some reactions:
"Trope-tan has been violated." - Imipolex G
"Faw, you know that asking for Trope-tan porn is kind of like getting off on your own daughter. Size her up first." - Anonymous User
"Fawriel, you incest-craving bastard." - Anonymous User
"Must write Trope Tan 34..." - I Love Dogs
Sadly, then the rest of TV Tropes descended into its depraved self, and started begging for Trope-Tan porn.