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Quotes: Fate/Zero
"And there you go. You heard her, Iri. Our Heroic Spirit over there considers a battlefield to be better than Hell. What a joke. A battlefield is Hell itself. There's no hope to be had on one. There is nothing but unspeakable despair. Just a souless crime we call victory, paid for by the pain of the defeated. But humanity has never recognized this truth. And the reason is that, in every era, a dazzling hero has blinded the people with their legends, and kept them from seeing the evil of bloodshed they bring. True human nature has not advanced a step beyond the Stone Age."

For Saber, who only know the utterly cruel, emotionless Kiritsugu, it was the first time she saw Emiya Kiritsugu’s other side – a man almost crushed by endless anguish and sorrow, his monologue that was close to lamentation.

"That sword... is the dream all warriors, past, present, and future hold as their deaths approach. A sad, exalted dream. She carries their will as her pride, bidding them to remain steadfast in their loyalty. Now, the undefeated king sings aloud the name of the miracle she holds in her hand. Its name is..."
- Irisviel and Saber

"The King is never lonesome! For his wishes are our wishes!"

"Uniting dreams beneath a banner of conquest. I praise your efforts at least. But foolish warriors, have you not learned?" Gilgamesh pulls out a key-shaped sword "Dreams disappear when the dreamer wakes. Every last one of them with no exception." a giant wall of magical energy unfolds and returns into Gilgamesh's sword, which becomes the Gate of Babylon, from which he pulls out Ea. "Therefore, it was inevitable that I would be the one to stand in your way. King of Conquerors, now know the end of your eternal dream. I shall show you the stark reality!" "NOW, AWAKEN EA. A STAGE WORTHY OF YOU HAS BEEN SET. LOOK UP AND BEHOLD, ENUMA ELISH!"
Gilgamesh, as he prepares to battle Iskander's Ionian Hetairoi

"To win, but not destroy; to conquer, but not humiliate: That is what true conquest is!"

"Glory lies beyond the horizon...Speak of conquest and demonstrate it!"
Iskander, King of Conquest

"You want to win... You want to win so desperately? You desire the Grail so desperately? You have crushed... You have crushed my sole remaining wish... And you just stand you not feel any shame at all?! I will never forgive you... I will never forgive any of you! You inhuman monsters, who have ruined the honor of a knight, let my blood taint your dreams forever! May the Grail be cursed. May the wish it grants bring disaster! And when you fall into the searing pits of hell... you will remember the hateful rage of Diarmuid!"
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne's Dying Curse

Hey. Hey old man! If you're gonna sleep, do it in your bed!
Right...I'm fine.
When I was little, I wanted to be a hero.
What? You wanted to be? Did you give up?
Yeah. Unfortunately, being a hero is a limited-time thing When you grow up, it's hard to call yourself one. I should have realized that earlier.
I see. Then I guess you couldn't help it.
No. No I couldn't. ...It really is a nice moon.
Yeah. Since you couldn't do it, then I'll do it. You're an adult now, so you can't do it. But I can. Leave it to me... Your dream.
All right. ...I feel better.
Kiritsugu's final conversation with Shirou, in the final episode.

Kerry, what do you want to be when you're older?
I want to be a hero.
Shirley and Kiritsugu

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