Quotes / Fatal Family Photo

"#92. Never show anyone a picture of your sweetheart or family at any time. Otherwise the next time the picture is shown, it will be soaked in blood. Your blood, to be precise. "

"Oh, what?! He brought a picture of his family with him? Well, no wonder he died! He might as well have said he had two days until retirement!"

"They all had a picture girlfriend, wife, kid. After a while, I realized everybody I found, on either side, had a picture. They were fighting for something. They were dying for something. I figured maybe if I didnt have a picture to carry around with me Id be better at my job, so when I got back, I broke things off with Jessica."
John Reese, Person of Interest

Revolutionary: You know, when we get back home, I'm retiring from the revolution. Start a family, shows picture. That's Betty Jo. Yeah. Right on, yeah. Buy a home in the country. Raise your own fruits and vegetables, make our own bread, you know what I mean? Make our own-(is hit in the chest with a spear)
Black Dynamite: Who saw that coming—I mean, who saw where that came from?