Quotes / Fast Eddie

Very hard to get good fictional help these days.

Soon this entire subforum's blood will be dripping off my hands.
Warm and oily. That is how it will feel. The air will smell of copper.
Echoes of its last anguished wail will reverberate in the chamber, each vibration sending a delicious chill up my spine.
The anticipation is agony.
—On the nuking of the IJBM sub-forum

They wanted to play "memes" with the old school.
Now there are tears.

Spell Blade: What was the thread titled?
Fast Eddie: "Bitches Be Bitchin'"
Okay, maybe not. It was like that, though.
Fast Eddie, on a complaints thread.

Fast Eddie: You'll need to make a licensing arrangement with the the TV Tropes Foundation if you are going to charge for the app, which it seems you are. The CC license on all the wiki pages is 'not for profit without a waiver', which means if you are basing a paid product on the wiki's work, the wiki gets a cut.
Contact thestaff@tvtropes.org to set up a waiver and an agreement. Should work out.
tropetown: Keep that pimp hand strong, Eddie.
Radical Taoist: Thank you for the mental image of a guy with a fuzzy hat, mad chains, and a blinged out cane taking his leopard skin coat off to sit down at his computer and administer this site.
Jimmmyman10: YES. YES, YES, and YES.
Fast Eddie: The leopard skin never comes off.
Fast Eddie, on a thread re: a TV Tropes iOS trivia app.

Stop shooting yourselves. It makes more work for me.
— To the players of the "Assassins" game running in the JFF section of the forums.