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Quotes: Fashion-Victim Villain

Look, mommy, his pants are tighter than yours!
Duck, regarding Mello in All You Need Is Love.

Konstantine Brayko: Who are you? Where did you come from - where the fuck are my guards?!
Mike Thorton: I told your guards to go home and go to bed. That jacket was so bright they couldn't sleep.
Brayko: What the fuck did you say?!
Mike: Oh, so you can't hear me over that jacket either? No wonder it was so easy to sneak in here.
Brayko: Ah-hah! So you're the fuck that gate-crashes my party, huh? Maybe next time you wait for an invite to the school dance... But then, maybe there is no next time for you, shithead.
Mike: ...Is that jacket for real? Wow. And I thought the mansion was tasteless.
Brayko: Let's see how funny you are when I cut out your tongue, buddy.
Mike: Big talk from someone dressed like a seat cover.

"Oh. My. God! It's Lady Gaga!"
Naomi (regarding Mello), Death Note: The Abridged Series (Kpts4tv)

"I know Benny was murdered, but if you ask me, the real crime was that checkered jacket".
White Glove Society, Fallout: New Vegas

Valmont: I will put up with a lot, Shendu, but I draw the line at wearing a dress!
Joel: You can bet that anybody seriously interested in world domination is going to end up looking like a real snickerdoodle.
Dr. Forrester, wearing a ridiculous outfit: What's that supposed to mean?
MST3K doing a sketch about villains

"You're dressed as a space angel. Why?"
Joel, riffing on the Big Bad's outfit in the MST3K episode Operation Double 007

Donald Pleaseance: Meet me in the laboratory.
Tom Servo: And don't ever outdress me again.
MST3K on Pumaman

Dr. Robotnik: Where is it?
GeneralIronicus: My fashion sense? I misplaced it weeks ago.

Wallace Wells: "Hey! What's up with his outfit?"
Random Guy: "Yeah, is he a pirate?"
Scott Pilgrim: "Are you a pirate?"
Matthew Patel: "Pirates are IN this year!"

Cobra Commander isnít very funny any more. Although, really, given that his uniform includes wearing a bag over his head, there are limits to how unfunny he can be at any given time.

"Sure, what kind of terrible hairdo will he have?"

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