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Quotes: Fashion-Victim Villain

Quotes on works

"Cobra Commander isnít very funny any more. Although, really, given that his uniform includes wearing a bag over his head, there are limits to how unfunny he can be at any given time."

"I canít help but notice that I have hardly discussed the fashions on offer this season, which must mean that I have either adjusted to the space age couture the show flaunts, or things have become a little more subdued and easy on the eye. Servalan is always the exception, I am almost always thrilled to see what design monstrosity she is going to come parading on in next."
Doc Oho on Blake's 7, "Terminal"

"I assume Colin Baker was playing Maxil as a psychopath who was looking forward to being the first Time Lord executioner in thousands of years. Or perhaps Maxil was just angry that he was expected to wear that preposterous hat."

"Lex eventually goes to the office where Tess shows up to talk to him, and he stabs her. Goodnight, Lutessa Lena Luthor. You died as you lived: in a dumb Inspector Gadget coat."
ComicsAlliance on Smallville ("Finale")

"I had to rewind the movie to catch all this, because the first time around I was too busy laughing at [Robert] Patrick's platinum blonde 'Ice, Ice Baby' high tower of hair, devilish Van Dyke goatee and his pimp zoot suit to pay attention. And I'm wondering which role was more humiliating: this or having to play the punching bag to John Cena in The Marine."

David: Chase wakes up in Riddlerís tower on a Riddler-print couch while Riddler wears a new suit with blinking LED question marks, making him look like a GeoCities page from 1997.
Chris: Heís going to take over Gotham with the promise of a book that teaches you how to get $$$FREE MONEY$$$ from the government.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman Forever

"Just whose idea was it to have this evil general running around wearing neon blue lipstick? It's hard to look like a militaristic badass when you look like you just escaped from a production of Cabaret! I kept wondering if his D&D alignment was Chaotic Fabulous!"

Quotes from works

Look, mommy, his pants are tighter than yours!
Duck, regarding Mello in All You Need Is Love.

Konstantine Brayko: Who are you? Where did you come from - where the fuck are my guards?!
Mike Thorton: I told your guards to go home and go to bed. That jacket was so bright they couldn't sleep.
Brayko: What the fuck did you say?!
Mike: Oh, so you can't hear me over that jacket either? No wonder it was so easy to sneak in here.
Brayko: Ah-hah! So you're the fuck that gate-crashes my party, huh? Maybe next time you wait for an invite to the school dance... But then, maybe there is no next time for you, shithead.
Mike: ...Is that jacket for real? Wow. And I thought the mansion was tasteless.
Brayko: Let's see how funny you are when I cut out your tongue, buddy.
Mike: Big talk from someone dressed like a seat cover.

"You answer to a cardboard cutout half your age with the fashion sense of a screaming child. He spends thousands of dollars on his fucking hair."
Mike Thorton, Alpha Protocol

"Oh. My. God! It's Lady Gaga!"
Naomi (regarding Mello), Death Note: The Abridged Series (Kpts4tv)

"I know Benny was murdered, but if you ask me, the real crime was that checkered jacket".
White Glove Society, Fallout: New Vegas

Valmont: I will put up with a lot, Shendu, but I draw the line at wearing a dress!
"You're dressed as a space angel. Why?"
Joel, riffing on the Big Bad's outfit in the MST3K episode Operation Double 007

Donald Pleaseance: Meet me in the laboratory.
Tom Servo: And don't ever outdress me again.
MST3K on Pumaman

Dr. Robotnik: Where is it?
GeneralIronicus: My fashion sense? I misplaced it weeks ago.

Wallace Wells: "Hey! What's up with his outfit?"
Random Guy: "Yeah, is he a pirate?"
Scott Pilgrim: "Are you a pirate?"
Matthew Patel: "Pirates are IN this year!"

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