Quotes: Fandom Berserk Button

Buttercup: Ugh, why do people always get that wrong?
Blossom: It's "Powerpuff"!
Bubbles: No "D"!

Mitsuki: Right, or like yesterday with BoukenRanger.
Nobuo: Stop! Stop right there! It's not BoukenRanger, it's Boukenger! GoGo Sentai Boukenger!
Mitsuki: Eh? Bouken and Ranger doesn't make BoukenRanger?! What's "Bouken" and "Ger"? What's "Ger"?
Nobuo: This is why you're a n00b!
Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger

Konata: Hmm... So do you. Every New Year's Eve, don't the two of you go to your family shrine and cosplay as shrine maidens?
Kagami: Do not call it cosplay.

"The easiest way to make a nerd angry is to get their obsession wrong."
Brian Posehn, Live In: Nerd Rage

"I know from firsthand experience that Robert Pattinson was not open to ridicule in his role in Twilight. How do I know? Because after I attempted to ridicule him in a movie theater, a middle-aged woman who was sitting behind me kicked me in the head."
Callie Beusman, Jezebel

"They transformed Jem into a Disneyfied Kesha. This is what I get for laughing at the nerds. Every time a trailer for a shitty superhero movie comes out and the nerds cry while screaming “Sacrilege!” I point, laugh and say, “Ha! Ha! Stupid melodramatic nerds!” And now it’s happened to me."

"All it took was one selfie with Emmitt and now you’re a Cowboys bandwagoner? What is wrong with you? And you’re BRAGGING about it? I would not invite Julie to Thanksgiving dinner. I would cut her out of the will...Dude, did these people even like the Vikings at all to begin with? They can’t WAIT to find new asshole teams to root for. My God. You ate a bunch of hamburgers and now Big Ben is your hero? You know about the rape allegations and his gray penis and all that, right? Or was the burger all that mattered to you? DURRRR DIS TASTE GOOD GUESS I’M A YINZER NOW SIX-BURGH KISS THE RINGS DURRRRR. And fuck your hair."

"The cop tries to pry Lex from his panic room, calling him LuthER. That happens a whole bunch of times. I figure he's just saying it wrong to try and tick him off and scare him out. Uh, yeah."
Neal bailey on Smallville ("Lockdown")

David: The TAS Joker is too much of a conventional comedian for me. He’s kind of the Dane Cook of Jokers.
Chris: Okay, NOW we’re going to fight.
David: And Ledger Joker is the Louis C.K..
Andy: I’m offended on behalf of our readers that Uzi is participating in this session whilst completely f***ing high on hardcore intravenous drugs.
David Uzumeri, Andy Khouri, and Chris Sims on The Dark Knight

"It's Levi-O-sa not Levio-SA." She's a nightmare, honestly. It's no wonder she hasn't got any friends!
Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (typical reaction to this trope)