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Quotes: Fan Hater
"What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others."

"Final Fantasy VIII sucks and you suck for liking it!"
Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler

"Now I have stuck up for [Michael] Cimino in the past going so far as to defend Heaven's Gate and say it is a very good effort. My generosity has come to an end. IÖf*ckingÖHATE The Sunchaser!!! Hate is too soft a word but it is what I will go with for the moment. My hate might even transcend the film itself to people that would have balls enough to admit they like it. Iím not sure."

"Family Circus has been shitting in the mouth of comedy for 51 years and we need to fight back... Can you imagine what it would be like if you found something like this funny? You'd be both the happiest and most-punched person in the world, and I am really glad you don't exist. But in case you do, seriously: Fuck you."

"I love the smell of burning gamers in the morning."
— Notorious anti-violence advocate Jack Thompson

"Those who think Transformers is a great or even a good film are, may I tactfully suggest, not sufficiently evolved."

"Any human dumb enough to voluntarily sit through a second helping of that unremitting fecal spew really ought to just get up and leave the planet via the nearest window before their continued presence does lasting damage to the gene pool."

"Maybe youíre one of those people who spend more man-hours proudly telling everyone whoíll listen about how youíve never watched Big Brother than the people involved in making it spent, well, making it. Perhaps you wear your BB-hatred like a badge of honour, joining every ďI hate BB!Ē Facebook group you can find and letting everyone know youíve got better things to do with your time, well whoopee-balls for you. Maybe I donít like your face, but I donít keep harping on about it. (I donít like your face, as it happens. Itís too wide at the top and youíve got a stupid chin)"

"We live in quite an interesting age. You can tell someone's sexual orientation and level of education from just their interests."
— Signature on Deviant ART.

"I like your game. I don't like your gamers."
— A variation on a famous Gandhi quote.

"Creed sucks! I hate you, and I hate the bands you like!"
Red vs. Blue PSA

"'I don't know much about art,' you aver, 'but I know what I like.' Actually you don't. You have been browbeaten into feigning pleasure at the sight of so-called art that actually makes your skin crawl, and you are afraid to admit it for fear of seeming dull. This has gone on for so long that you have forgotten your own mind. Do not fear: in a few minutes' reading I can break the spell and liberate you from this unseemly condition. [...] There are, of course, people who truly appreciate abstract art. You aren't one of them; you are a decent, sensible sort of person without a chip on your shoulder against the world."

I know the purists who think any US adaptation is crap and wonít let themselves like it no matter what, and Iíll be the first to tell them not to waste their time watching the show. Itís not for them. I would actually prefer that they donít watch it and not post negative messages in the fan forums about it. I never understood that concept. There are shows I am a fan of but donít watch because I didnít like what they are doing with it. And Iím talking original Japanese Toku shows. But I donít go on forums to trash it. I think thatís really lame. As is criticizing a show for 6-11 year old kids and you are in your 20ís or older. Honestly, Iím speechless! I stay away from Teletubbie and Barney forums!
Steven Wang, Executive Producer of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

"[adult swim] is kind of like 4chan. In the beginning they were both small corners of the world where American anime fans could congregate. Then a bunch of anime-haters hop on board and complain about the content that started it all."

"You're a terrorist for liking Code Lyoko."
Yet ANOTHER dA comment.

"No, [A.N.T. Farm] is not the best show on Disney Channel. Even if it was that wouldn't say much about DC since the quality of all their shows has tanked since the end of Wizards of Waverly Place. It's fools like the the [sic] OP and the second poster who actually think this show is funny. And it's not adults or so called "haters", idiot. It's just people with common sense and good taste in humor that know this show is far from funny. ANT Farm is crap."
IMDb user lilej2

"...I don't like Yahtzee or Noah Antwiler because I don't like reviews where the reviewer puts more time reviewing the FANS over the WORK they claim to be reviewing. When you start insulting the perceived target demographic rather than start actually reviewing the damn work, which is why I clicked that link in the first place, then my cursor quickly goes to the 'back' button because it's amazing how many reviews just turn into ualuealuealeuale."
— A Negative review of game reviews.

"For you 14 year olds that listen to faggotforce and other gay bands, complexity and speed does not make music good. When you mature as musicians you will realize the genius of bands like sabbath."
— Comment on a YouTube video of a Black Sabbath song

"doing shirase [in Tetris: The Grand Master 3] to level 400 is a crime in itself"
— A troll in a chatroom about Tetris

"Every time you watch a Canadian show about teenagers, an angel dies."
— A poster on 4chan's /co/ board

"I am an anime hater. I support the ban, not because i think it's evil because I think it's retarded."
— Comment on a GamePolitics story on RapeLay bannings

"The biggest mistakes caused by the Pokťmon franchise.... 1. Zero's fanbase: What is worse than this mockery of villans? The fact that some people actually like him."

"Having a favorite character from "Enterprise" is like having a favorite position to be raped in."
Weekend Web on IMDB from 2004

"Sorry to burst your bubble, fanboys, but it's true. If you love Shiny Toy Guns, chances are you like penises in your butt and mouth."
— Rather homophobic segment of a comment on a YouTube video of Shiny Toy Guns' cover of Major Tom (strangely enough, earlier in that comment, the writer admitted to liking Shiny Toy Guns)

"People like you are the reason why Final Fantasy VII has gotten so much hate recently. They don't call it the most overrated game of all time for nothing. So you think you're part of a majority, huh? More like minority, douche."
YouTube video comment responding to a comment defending FF7 from a negative review. (However the defending comment stated that the writer simply disagrees with the review, suggesting that the writer of the above quote was over-reacting.)

"Twitards are the most delusional, psychotic, braindead cultural pollutants since video game fanboys and need to be purged from their shitty cults. Grab your shotguns everyone who hates Twilight! It's hunting season!"
YouTube video comment

''"Never underestimate the power of fangirls. They have the ability to make people hate entire series and genres merely because they dislike the fangirls."
— a quote from dAmn about fangirls and peoples' tendency to judge works solely on their fandom.

''"The only thing personally that sucks about Sonic is the fanbase. I mean it's comprised of insane fanboys such as recolors, retro fags, obessessed lunatics, furries and such that it becomes rare to find a sane fan."
YouTube video comment

"Yaoi fangirls make me want to punch puppies."
— An Anti-Yaoi stamp on deviantART.

"like crocs? go fuck your uncle!!!!"
— Wall post from a major anti-Crocs group on Facebook

"So instead of wasting 912312993021' (sic) hours mastering that shit, go and do something productive."
— Comment on a YouTube video of someone playing Pop N Music

"I'm sorry, but if you are a teenager or adult who thinks this show is good, there is something wrong with you. There is NOTHING good about this show. And you are in serious denial if you think otherwise."
Some YouTube user commenting on Mr. Enter's commentary of Love Loaf

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