->''I want to very specifically not give a shout out to my [[PeripheryDemographic Bronies]] tonight. I feel like... I feel like I have been sucked into a [[WretchedHive dark corner of humanity]], and am crawling my way back to the light.''
-->-- '''Stephen Colbert''', ''Colbert Report'', "[[http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/412837/april-18-2012 April 18, 2012]]"

->'''Patchy:''' That's it? [[HypeBacklash That's the lost episode]]? That was just a bunch of cheap walk-cycles!\\
'''Potty:''' What a rip!\\
'''Patchy:''' '''[[DarthWiki/RuinedForever SPONGEBOB BETRAYED US]]!!!''' (''sobbing'') I'm sorry I ever started this stupid fan-club in the first place! I'm gonna get rid of all my [=SpongeBob=] stuff! All of it! All of it! (''tears off his [=SpongeBob=] boxers'') All of it! [[ComicalOverreacting I'm gonna run away! That's what I'll do, run away!]]\\
'''Potty:''' Sheesh, what a hothead.
-->-- '''The Sponge Who Could Fly''', ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants''