Quotes / False Friend

"My dear girl, don't flatter yourself. What I did this evening was for Queen and country. You don't think it gave me any pleasure, do you?"

"...he betrayed them... HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!"

"Oh Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you."
Prince Hans, Frozen

"They got me a long time ago."
O'Brien, Nineteen Eighty-Four

"I am NOT your "little buddy!" And YOU are no wonder dog!"

Blake: We voted for Weiss and Yang.
Weiss: I will happily represent Team RWBY!
Yang: Yeah! We're gonna kick some butt!
Emerald: Hehehe! Well, if Mercury and I see you down the line, don't think we're gonna go easy on ya.
Yang: Hehe, wouldn't want it any other way.
Emerald: Alright, well, we're gonna go catch some more fights.
Ruby: Have fun!
Emerald: See ya later! [rolls her eyes and makes a yuck expression]
Mercury: So, how are the new "friends?"
Emerald: I hate them.
Mercury: Orders are orders.
Emerald: I just- [makes a strangling motion with her hands] How can they be so happy all the time!?
Mercury: Did you at least get what we want?
Emerald: It's the heiress and the bimbo.
Mercury: Hmm, right, well at least now we know what we're working with.

The reason I've been trying to prepare you for Bill's tricks is that Bill tricked me. It's the biggest regret of my life. Bill wasn't always my enemy, Dipper; I used to think he was my friend.
Grunkle Ford, Gravity Falls

“But in the end, it was never to be. One fateful night, he gathered the six of us on top of the mountain, where he revealed the truth about who he was. Discord, the god of chaos, the very one responsible for the hardship our land had to endure for so long. He thanked us for hiding him from Celestia and Luna’s eyes while his power recovered, and asked us to join him in his quest, to conquer Equestria and reshape it in his own image. The village would become the Capital of Chaos, and we would rule the world together..."