Quotes / Fainting

"Oh mercy! Which one of you strapping young bucks will catch my fall?"
Doctor Venture, The Venture Bros.

Hobbes: You know, if you feel the urge to pass out on the floor in shock, feel free.
Uncle Max: I think I will. Someone get behind me.
Trouble Island (after everyone realizes Calvin's Cassandra Truth)

Jon: If you're impressed by a windmill you'd be swooning if you saw the Great Keep at Winterfall.
Ygritte: What's swooning?
Jon: [beat] Fainting.
Ygritte: W-What's fainting?
Jon: [longer beat] When a girl sees blood and collapses.
Ygritte: Why would a girl see blood and collapse?
Jon: Well...not all girls are like you.
Ygritte: Well girls see more blood than boys.

Tylor: "Yuriko! No fair! You can't faint before I do!"

Skulduggery: Are you going to faint?
Stephanie: I've never fainted before but I think you might be right.
Skulduggery: Would you like me to catch you?
Stephanie: If you wouldn't mind?
Skulduggery: Not at all.
Stephanie: *faints*

Discord: Does anypony have a fainting couch?
Rarity: What?

Ash: After getting hit in the face from a door which Gary opened I... beg your pardon. He faints.

"Well, someone needs a sandwich." *ding*
Jeremy, CinemaSins (Whenever a character faints on screen)