Quotes: Failsafe Failure

Sarge: Oh no! That last lightning bolt fused the detonator! There's no way to turn this thing off!
Simmons: Can you do it manually?
Sarge: Impossible. I specifically designed it so that I wouldn't be able to defuse it.
Grif: Why?
Sarge: In case I fell into the wrong hands, and was brainwashed to help the Blues.
Simmons: Nice thinking, sir.
Grif: You had to get just one last asskiss in before we die, didn't you?
Red vs. Blue Episode 43

"This is like having an emergency light that plugs into the wall! Or a parachute with a rope that's connected to the airplane!"
SFDebris, "Learning Curve"

"Note to self: When designing outer-space headquarters, do not allow personal living quarters to be shot off into space by a control that is outside the room."
Chris Sims on X-Men, "Sanctuary, Part 1"

"The defense system is perfect, Mark," (points at unfinished, missing self-destruct cut off station), "it'll even bury our mistakes."
- Dr. Jeremy Stone after nuclear bomb countdown has started in the 1971 movie The Andromeda Strain

"It's what you'd call a failsafe. Except he only got as far as the "fail" part."
Tobi, on Itachi Uchiha's attempt to keep Sasuke away from the speaker.

"Note: Need to implement this."
— The Hidden Valley Bunker Self-Destruct Terminal upon clicking "Cancel Self-Destruct Sequence", Fallout: New Vegas

(chaos is wreaking havoc in Ponyville)
Twilight Sparkle: Don't worry, everypony! I've learned a new failsafe spell that will fix everything!
(Her horn glows, and a wave of light surrounds Ponyville. When it fades... nothing happens.)
Twilight Sparkle: My failsafe spell... failed! Now what do we do?
Spike: Umm, give up?
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, The Return of Harmony: Part 1

"At Starfleet, we put the 'fail' in failsafe!"
SF Debris, in his review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "The Nth Degree"