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Quotes: Exploitation Film
"Ken Russell has really done it this time. He has stripped the lid off of respectability off the Ursuline convent in Loudon, France. He has exposed Cardinal Richelieu as a political schemer. He has destroyed our illusions about Louis XIII. We are filled with righteous indignation as we bear witness to the violation of the helpless nuns; it is all the more terrible because, as Russell fearlessly reveals, all the nuns, without exception, are young and stacked."
Roger Ebert reviews The Devils

"Is it any good? Iíve reviewed quite a lot of Madonna... I think just about all of her movies that I reviewed were shit. So it surprises me that this is actually an entertaining movie. Oh it's terrible, but it's in a Ďso bad its goodí variety. It's exploitation, and it's so cheesy it actually works. You have hilarious dialog like 'You ever see animals make love?' or 'Thatís what I do; I fuck. And it made me 8 million dollars!' You canít help but chuckle hearing Joe Mantegna talk about nipple clamps. Believe me, it's funny. It would be like Clint Eastwood talking about anal beads."
Miles Antwiler on Body of Evidence (1993)

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