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Quotes: Excuse Plot
"Obviously, this intro is far too cool for me to consider commenting on it. But I do wish I was in the room when the committee decided that the best way to rescue the president was to find two civilian punks. Did the secretary of defense stand up and say, 'We can't spare the military personel to rescue our president. So we'll just inspire a couple of street dudes to do it by questioning their badness. Easy.'"

"Once upon a time there were three people named Ar, Gee, and Bee. They lived happily together and agreed this game should be devoid of any meaningful long-term narrative."

"You want a story? Here's your story — 'Demons over there, KILL THEY ASS.'"

"You're a ninja, fruits are flying at you and fuck fruit!"

"He's in pursuit of a crimelord who is out to steal Christmas from the orphans, or something. It doesn't matter."

"The Right To Motivation. A game must not only give a player things to do, but also give him a reason for doing them. Just plunking the player down in a sandbox and saying, 'have fun' isn't good enough. Especially at the beginning of a game, the player should have a clear sense of what to do next and, in particular, why. Players need a reason to spend their time on a game, and the game must provide one."
Ernest Adams, Designers' Notebook: The Bill of Players' Rights

"Here's your objective: Blah blah blah blah, Secret Base. Blah blah blah land. Blah blah blah Nuclear missile bomb. Blah blah blah counting on you, utmost importance, win, good luck."

"You kill stuff. The end."
The manual of Cube Engine

"Wasn't the original plot of Double Dragon "Someone punches a chick in the stomach and two guys have to go rescue her"? What? Was that story just too complex for the writers to figure out?"

"So the blurb goes on. This is basically a thinly veiled excuse to kill, kill and kill some more."
Your Commodore, review of Into the Eagle's Nest

"And now, let's talk about the ground-breaking story. America's in trouble! And... guns."

"I won't bore you with the plot, since this The Chaos Engine's been 'on the way' for so long that you really ought to know it backwards by now. Besides which, it's the plot, it doesn't matter. Not mattering is its job. The only reason plots exist is to provide employment for down-on-their-luck writers desperate to earn a crust knocking out instruction manuals. So I say 'big nobs' to the plot ('cos I'm a crazy dangerous guy like that, and besides, plots can't hit you). You run about and you kill stuff, that's all you want to know."

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