Quotes / Evil Twin

Goliath: Surely you know I am not in the habit of playing childish pranks, or laughing maniacally in the dark.
Hudson: Do you even know how to laugh maniacally?''

Xander: Hey, wait 'til you have an evil twin, see how you handle it.
Willow: I handled it fine.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Replacement"

This is awful. You mean somewhere there's a more evil Bender than me? I do my best, dammit!
Bender, Futurama, "The Farnsworth Parabox"

Oh, so it was my evil twin all along! I should have known! Superheroes and evil twins go together like peanut butter and... evil peanut butter.

My evil twin, bad weather friend
I know someday I'll meet him
But I don't know where or when.
They Might Be Giants, "My Evil Twin".

But seriously, why are we doing another Evil Twin episode?! Is that all Japan knows how to do?
Jason Lee Scott, Truncated Power Rangers

Oh no! It's - it's an evil twin story! It's come to that!
Garfield:, Garfield and Friends

"Amber! My evil clone from an alternate dimension! Surely you must be up to no good!"
"I told you a dozen times: I'm not evil. That's not how alternate dimensions work."
"Yes you are! I'm the real Amber, so that makes you evil clone Amber!"
"No dimension is more "real" than the other. We're both the "real Amber"."
"Hmph. Whatever helps you sleep at night."
this comic

Often-wrong Soong has a broken heart; can't tell his two boys apart.

"Some people have an evil twin. I am not so lucky. What I have is an idiot twin."
— A disgruntled Miles Vorkosigan on his clone-brother Mark.

"Beware your darkside." [Evil Laugh]
— Fake Kimmy/Evil Dexter, Space Ace

You can always tell the evil one by the dagger he's sticking in you.

Nale: I'll never tell you anything about Xykon.
Elan: Yeah, I know. But I didn't save you so we could interrogate you. I saved you 'cause I'm the Good twin, not the Neutral twin.
Nale: ...I don't get it.
Elan: Yup.

The SA-X. An enemy with my strongest abilities. But does it have reason? Probably not. It's just a killing machine. In my current state, I can't face it head-on. The SA-X is me, only heartless. I must stop it before it learns its potential and threatens the universe...
Samus Aran, Metroid: Fusion

Noel: Kite...you'd never told us that you actually have a twin sister.
Kite: You got it all wrong! I never had a sister- I mean, I DON'T have a sister at all!
Sakuya: Did we happen to stumble into an alternate reality? Or maybe I really do have a long-lost twin brother? Does that mean I have to be evil now?
Double Trouble: We will party a lot hartyer if Carmen is in the slammers. Look for her in North America.

I don't know what you are, either! You seem... like a dark twin of myself...