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Quotes: Evil Matriarch
As Bobby was dying in Los Angeles, a sister rang their mother to report on his condition. Rose's response was swift: "Now, Teddy must run." For crude Rose, this world is just a staging area for that great touch-football field in the sky, where all the lads will be reunited forever. Although, according to the strict ground rules of Rose's faith, if father Joe was going to be in on the game, the playing field would have to be located somewhere below rather than above.
Gore Vidal on the Kennedy clan

"She is a lady indeed, although my limited experience of her suggests that she is also a mixture of the warrior queen Boadicea without the chariot, Catherine de' Medici without the poisoned rings, and Attila the Hun without his wonderful sense of fun. Do not play cards with her, because she cheats like a Mississippi bustout dealer, keep sherry away from her, do everything she says, and we might all live."
Terry Pratchett, Nation

"You're evil, Ma."
Nathan Petrelli, Heroes

Hawke: (on Morrigan) I'm not sure whether she's your daughter or your enemy.
Flemeth: Neither is she.
Hawke learns that not all apostate families are as loving as theirs, Dragon Age II

"A woman can be a powerful force, like my mother... Or a destructive one. Like my mother."
Captain de Santa, Red Dead Redemption

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