Quotes / Evermore

Lazuli: "Aaaambeeeer!"
(Amber's narrative): My younger sister, Lazuli, comes bounding down the stairs. She's ten years old, though she's taller than both Corundum and me by several inches. She has messy brown hair that goes down to her shoulders, and blue eyes. She's a tomboy, like me, but very much has a soft side, unlike me. She's very impressionable, too, and I'm very protective of her because of that. Fluffy, her poochyena, runs up with her.
Lazuli: "Amber, you'll never guess what!"
Amber: "What, Laz?"
Lazuli: "Onyx agreed to train with me and Fluffy!"
Amber: "That's nice. When you goin' out?"
Lazuli: "I-It's not a date! H-He's just helping me work with Fluffy's weaknesses!"
Amber: "Sure. And I'm a hippopotas."

Forest: "Capture a legendary pokemon? That's impossible without a Master Ball!"
Marine: "Not necessarily. My grandma did it, why can't we?"
Forest: "We're not all Crystal Kimu, Marine."
Marine: "Ugh, stop being such a pessimist! I have no idea what Maizy sees in you."
Forest: "Excuse me? What was that?"
Marine: "Oh, nothing!"

Cad: "Rosso-Senri?"
Chrys: "KIMU?"
Brick: "Those are a lot of Kimus."
Cad: "ROSSO-SENRI? What the hell? That is definitely not a common name!"
Forest: "None of our names are common. Especially the combinations."
Duke: "Guys, did you not notice the date? Check it out!"
Ametrine: "August sixteenth, five thousand eighteen?"
Forest: "Something's not right here."
Marine: "Thanks, Captain Obvious."
Forest: "You're welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm."
Cad: "Rosso-Senri's like Rosso-Kimu. So, what? It sounds like Mom married Rubin or something."
Chrys: "Yeah right! That's a major time gap, and even so, this is the year five thousand eighteen. That's really far away, and unless for some reason our parents time traveled and ended up in the time at the same age, it would never happen. Just think about it. ''Aunt Topaz'' and ''Rubin''. That's just insane!"

Pyrite: "She passed out from exhaustion. She's sleeping right now."
Aryl: "Aw, you kids been playing too hard?"
(Pyrite's narrative): Wait, what?
Copal: *smacks Aryl* "Aryl, that's not funny! You're embarrassing the poor boy! Dear Arceus, they're thirteen!"
Aryl: "Aw, you're no fun, Copal-chan! I'm just messing with little Ry! Did you see the look on his face?"