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Quotes: Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas
"Made it, Ma! Top of the world!"
Cody Jarrett, last words, White Heat

"Strong mother fixations tend to be a big plus, so remember mom well."

"[It] didn't impress me, as I've known several villains who were kind to animals and even more who loved their mothers."
Fisk in Hilari Bell's Rogue's Home

"Sir, I love my mama!"

"I'd like you to know that I agree with every word you said. [...] Unfortunately, you killed my mother."

"A boy's best friend is his mother."
Norman Bates, Psycho

"I've always liked you Byron, but you never know when to shut up. Even bad men love their mommas."
Wade, 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

"I'm on my feet for about ten minutes before the cops kick them out from under me. They don't ask me any questions. They just keep knocking the crap out of me and waving a confession in my face, and I keep spitting blood all over it and laughing at how many fresh copies they come up with. Then along comes this worm assistant district attorney who turns the recorder off and says if I don't sign their confession, they'll kill my mom. I break his arm in three places and I sign it."

"Thirty years of karate. Combat experience on five continents. A rating with every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge. Still haven't found any defense against Mom crying into my shirt."
Michael Westen, Burn Notice

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