* Sylvia [[spoiler: as she starts sky diving without a parachute]]
-->"She couldn't even manage concern. She faced her doom this time around like a gambler with a pat hand. Oblivion was bluffing. Showboating, even."
* This excerpt is probably the most chilling description of Parson yet:
-->"But then, the mountain shook. I thought it was more traps, but the walls all fell and the ground cracked, and the city exploded. I stood there in the ashen rain and met my Fate. I croaked that turn, burned alive by the very ground I stood upon." Her smile broadened now, and seemed eerily at odds with the story she was relating. 'But as it was happening, I felt something else, Warlord."'
-->"Sylvia pulled her armored shoulders in toward her body, smiling like she had been given a warm blanket on a cold night. 'I felt another power. Not greater, but closer. More active. More alive. And just as alien. I never knew what it could have been, but my Lady Wanda was kind enough to explain it. Do you know what that power was, Warlord?"'
-->"Not for the first time today, Ossomer was lost. 'I do not."'
-->"She smiled and closed her eyes. 'It was Lord Hamster with an idea."'
-->"'I...see,' said Ossomer, dubiously."
-->"'You will,' said Sylvia, snapping her head toward him suddenly. 'This city will yet burn.' Her eyes drifted away to a point in the sky. "I rather hope he will burn down the whole world."'
* I consider this excerpt from Parson's klog to accurately sum up the story's entire premise:
-->"There are all these things that seem familiar from the reality that I know, but everything is cute. Like it's been made safe for children. The people even look like children.\\
Except that they ''die''. What is that?"
* One gets the feeling that Parson and Charlie are having too much fun sparring with one another, at times - a Battle of the Brains, in a sense.
-->'''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' That was clever, though, right?\\
'''[=LordHamster=]:''' Sure.\\
'''[=LordHamster=]:''' Determining the decision not to spend all the calculations. Cost: one calculation.\\
'''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' :)\\
'''[=LordHamster=]:''' Teaching me that my bracer can make sophisticated predictions about the future? Priceless.\\
'''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' [[OhCrap ...]]\\
'''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' :(
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/27 They definitely are.]]
--> '''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' Simple. Croak a 'Tool.'\\
'''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' If an attuned wielder of an Arkentool were to croak, it would seem to be pretty compelling evidence that the Titans were not on their side. Don't you think?\\
'''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' Perhaps it's an experiment that ought to be carried out.\\
'''[=LordHamster=]:''' Oh, Charlie...\\
'''[=LordHamster=]:''' I know business sucks, but that's no reason to start talking about suicide.\\
'''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' ...\\
'''[=CharlsNChrg=]:''' Parson, is it actually your goal to make me hate you more every time we chat?\\
'''[=LordHamster=]:''' Me? I'm just talking.