Quotes / Enemy Without

"I've seen a part of myself no man should ever see."
Star Trek: The Original Series, "The Enemy Within"

"You can defeat me, Scott. But can you defeat yourself?"

Cloud: You don't know me!
Sephiroth: I know... because I am you.

Join now with your better half!
Vanitas to Ventus, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Bad Ash: I'm Bad Ash! And you're Good Ash! You're a goody-little-two-shoes!
Good Ash: Good, Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

"Aw, and I thought we were so close... So nice to finally meet you, face to face!"
Ghostfreak, Ben 10

"On three occasions have I witnessed these beasts do battle, and each time, I have been sickened. Not by their methods, nor even by the terror they have wrought within our own ranks, but by the fact that to look upon a brother of the 13th Company is to witness the beast within us all given hideous form."
Inquisitor Asmorales, Warhammer 40,000, on the Wulfen

"I am the son of Aku's magic! He has looked deep within you, and has spawned me from your own burning hatred! I am your dark side, and I possess all the powers that you wield. And I have only one purpose in my existence - to destroy you."
Mad Jack, Samurai Jack.

"I am a Shadow... The true self."
Every single Shadow, Persona 4

I am a being woven from your mind — your heart — your soul! Can you not see—? I am you! And I fear that we may not both... survive!

Starfire: Listen. When Luthor flew off— I was pretty out of it, but I thought you went after him.
Supergirl: I did. In a way. But it wasn't me. And it's not a good thing.
Starfire: What? Like an evil twin?
Supergirl: I... don't know. More like it was part of me.
Starfire: I have a sister. They call her Blackfire. I feel like I'm responsible for every bad thing she does.
Supergirl: Yeah, well, in this case... I think I am.
Starfire: Do you know where this... "she" is?
Supergirl: I do. She's been in my head... Maybe... All my life.
Starfire: And now? How do you feel having her out?
Supergirl: The truth...? Relieved.
Supergirl (2005), Girl Power