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Quotes: Enemy Without
"You can defeat me, Scott. But can you defeat yourself?"

Cloud: You don't know me!
Sephiroth: I know... because I am you.

Join now with your better half!
Vanitas to Ventus, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Bad Ash: I'm Bad Ash! And you're Good Ash! You're a goody-little-two-shoes!
Good Ash: Good, Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

"Aw, and I thought we were so close... So nice to finally meet you, face to face!"
Ghostfreak, Ben 10

"On three occasions have I witnessed these beasts do battle, and each time, I have been sickened. Not by their methods, nor even by the terror they have wrought within our own ranks, but by the fact that to look upon a brother of the 13th Company is to witness the beast within us all given hideous form."
Inquisitor Asmorales, Warhammer 40,000, on the Wulfen

Fool, I am real! Now feel the reality of my cold hard steel!
Mad Jack, Samurai Jack.

I am a Shadow... The true self.
Every single Shadow, Persona 4

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