Quotes / Enemy Mime

"I have often wondered why we hate mimes so much. Many people have such an irrational dislike for them that they will cross the street rather than watch some guy in whiteface pretending to sew his hands together. Examining Michael Myers' makeup in Halloween H20 I realized he looks so much like Marcel Marceau as to make no difference. Maybe he is a mime when he's not slashing. Maybe what drove him mad was years and years of trying to make a living in malls while little kids kicked him to see if he was real. This also would explain his ability to seem to walk while somehow staying in the same place."

Diane: But everybody loves a mime!
Sam: No, everybody loves a clown, everybody hates a mime.

"Her face is almost never seen out of make-up, a strangely elegant combination of clownish mime and geisha. A long, loose kimono floats over her black leotards. Her eyes sparkle disturbingly through her makeup. The clowns and other minor circus denizens shudder at her complete silence, calling her "Nightmime" and "Hellsister"."
— Image notes on Tamika Tanaka, Midnight Circus

"What is clear is that the Mime is a Marauder whose long-term danger has yet to be determined. It would seem that he is simultaneously adventuring through the physical world and some strange dimension elsewhere. Hobgoblins and Sendings sometimes follow in his wake, though no pattern has yet been discerned.
The Mime appears much as any other mime might, with a black suit, black hat, cane, face paint and gloves. But if one looks really closely, he isn't wearing paint or gloves: his skin has truly turned utterly black and white, as has each individual hair. He moves as though interacting with objects which are not there, only he does so with a sureness that proclaims almost beyond disbelief that he must be manipulating something."
Mage: The Ascension - Fallen Tower: Last Vegas Citybook