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Quotes: Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors
Fire lives the death of earth and air lives the death of fire, water lives the death of air, earth that of water.
Maximus of Tyre

Take a Normal type like Jigglypuff
Against a Ghostly Gengar, the battle's real tough
Thunderbolt's a good electric attack,
Until you get ground out by a Marowak!
What kind of Pokémon are you?

Durr, I'm being attacked by a lady made of fire who is swinging swords made of fire in a volcano full of fire! Oh no! She's throwing fire! What kind of magic spell to use? No, that's stupid! Man, this game is hard! Hey, you know what might work is ice, and hey, I just bought an ice-sword in the last town! What a coincidence! And oh my God, it works! Wow, it's like some really complex, intricate puzzle that you have to be a genius to figure out!

"Water summons wind. Wind makes fire dance."

"Haha, rock beats airbender!"
Avatar: The Last Airbender in an actual game of Elemental Rock Paper-Scissors.

"It's super effective!"
Every Pokémon game ever.

"Fight fire with ice, I always say! …Or… at least I'll be saying it now."
Danny Phantom, Boxed Up Fury

Fire melts metal, water quenches fire, earth swallows water, wind scatters earth, and I shall quell the wind!
Master Splinter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003

"Well, there's some other stuff involved too, like the balance between types... That'd be pretty complicated to explain in-depth, but let's say it's like a huge game of Rochambeau: for every type's "rock", there's a "paper" and a "scissor". D'you understand?"

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