Quotes / El Rigo

"If its not hard its not worth doing."
- Rigo, on putting away some clothes.

"Amazing Intelligence and Mind Bending stupidity are not mutually exclusive"

Rigo, on why he is an idiot sometimes

"Nobody ever matures. We just learn how to act in public."
Rigo, on... something or other. I don't remember

"My PM Inbox is like a hooker, always open. Please disturb me."
Rigo on clinical loneliness.

" Hopey, you have an addition addiction."
On Hopey's compulsive adoptions.

It was the rock star age. The good died young and we are stuck with the crappy spin offs and bad attempts at a remake.
Rigo, on the animals of the Ice Age.

'F*** everything' is what true happiness looks like.
on Happiness.

My brain is a quantum anomaly. Sometimes it exists, sometimes it does not.
Rigo on why he is able to leave his car keys inside his car and then Mac Guyver a solution.

being turned into your own sim would be the best example of karmic justice ever.

Retiring from Tennis to Rugby due to leg stress concerns seems like retiring from tiger taming to boatless shark spearfishing

Rigo on perspective.

My laptop is a toaster. Just ask my nuts
Rigo on Source. Possibly. Context is highly unclear.

Stress is the Body's reaction to the discrepancy between the need to strangle a motherfucker and the ability to actually strangle said motherfucker.
Rigo on his Gastritis